Why Do Leftist Socialist Leaning Professors Dismiss Entire Field of Economics & Fight Economic Data?

Not long ago, I was listening to a PodCast from Knowledge (AT) Wharton [Business School] where the researchers noted that 58% of Economists believed it would not be helpful for them to study the humanities – Sociology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Etc. The same study did reveal that most Economists believed History was important. Contrast that with professors in the Humanities where 78% thought that cross-studies, multi-degrees in different subjects helped their knowledge, insight and perspective very much. [Cite: 1]

Cross-pollination in science, humanities and other fields of study is known to grow our knowledge and perspective, so now what?

Our sociologist professors want everyone to have the knowledge they teach, perhaps even a degree in the topic to supposedly help us all to a better understanding going through life, thus more successful in their view and more enlightened too. Yet, when it is suggested that they look at the economic data available as to what happens when certain social programs or political agendas are enacted – they decline, not willing to look at the data, even blind to the reality. This brings in the challenge of:

1.) The Law of Unintended Consequences
2.) The Dilemma – Do The Ends Justify The Means
3.) The Road To Hell Being Paved With the Greatest Intentions
4.) Local, State, and Federal Governments Practicing the Definition of Insanity

Take minimum wage laws for instance, it is know that raising the minimum wage hurts low wage earners due to employers cutting hours, firing employees or seeking more experienced workers. It also causes localized “Wage Inflation” and it causes small businesses to raise prices, causing fewer customers and thus, cannot make a profit and eventually cannot expand to hire more people or flat quit business resulting in no jobs at such establishments. The data shows this, and time and time minimum wage laws are enacted to appease voters, the same result occurs.

Such inconvenient truths do not register or socialist left leaning professors altogether dismiss the known economic data because it doesn’t fit with their agenda. Even if we do everything in an “egalitarian way” but fail to meet our goals and end up in utter failure for some reason this is acceptable, in fact preferred, after all the socialists can always blame corporations or the top 1% and then work to brainwash and enact the next doomed to repeat economic failure for the very constituency they claim to care about; minorities, the poor, elderly, disadvantaged, handicapped, immigrant or gay and lesbian, transgender black, Latino or Native American.

Thus, I find it odd that Sociologist Professors demand that Economists ditch their data and math and study sociology, yet will not look at the actual data showing that their leftist ideal set doesn’t work in reality. History aside, and the fact that Communism and Socialism look good on paper but do not work long term – I find a large dose of hypocrisy in the leftist lies of academia. Think on this.

Cite: [email protected] Wharton Podcast; “Why Economists Must Go Beyond the Numbers,” 24-minutes, 53 seconds long, published on August 4, 2017.

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